Briefing session on new technologies and new products of participating companies briefing hall is located in the open stage on the right side of the exhibition hall.Anyone can listen to it without receiving a separate application.


  • 13:30~14:00 esGK Co., Ltd.
    Korea's only company specializing in differentiated fire explosion prevention in the field of static electricity.
  • 14:30~15:00 Golden hour Inc
    Automatic expansion air capsule using the airbag principle for flame-retardant new materials.
  • 15:30~16:00 Hexagon PPM
    Facility management using scanning technology.


  • 11:30~12:00 Draeger Korea
    Rental Service & Onsite Serivce
  • 13:30~14:00 GEMS Co.,Ltd.
    Lifestyle service to improve the sustainability of manufacturers
  • 14:30~15:00 NCT Co., Ltd
    Smart sensor and monitoring system for detecting leakage of hazardous chemicals.
  • 15:30~16:00 CHEMTOPIA CO., LTD.
    Environmental safety management of workplaces using IoT.


  • 11:30~12:00 Daniel co., LTD.
    Announcement of core technologies for new products (Korea's first industrial oxygen-regenerating respirator)
  • 13:30~14:00 TAEYOUNG H&S CO., LTD.
    Introduction of new 3M products.
  • 14:30~15:00 TAEWON CO., LTD.
    A case of installing safety shields to prevent spray out of chemical piping.
  • 15:30~16:00 Cotral Lab Korea CO., LTD.
    Choose the right hearing aids for noise-induced hearing loss.
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