Ulsan, Korea’s industrial Capital
The World’s 51st Role Model City designated by UNDRR

Ulsan is evolving from Korea’s Industrial Capital to The Safety Industrial Capital
Ulsan has been recognized around the world for its continued efforts for safety, timely implementation on disaster safety policies.
Ulsan's high safety awareness and industrial safety culture are core value that has led the national economy.
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01Ulsan has 30 industrial complexes
  • The world’s largest single manufacturing plant ‘Hyundai Motor Company’

  • The world’s largest Ship-building plant ‘Hyundai Heavy Industry’

  • Ulsan Mipo National Industrial Complex; no.1 Manufacturing & no.1 Export volume in South Korea

  • The largest petrochemical complex in South Korea

02Worldwide recognition of disaster safety policies
  • Role Model City under UNDRR

  • Leading city in Nuclear Decommissioning Industry

  • Establishing of a cluster to foster the Safety Industry

03Public institutions specialized in safety are in Ulsan
  • Safety and Health Agency Industrial Safety Certification Board

  • National Disaster Management Institute Disaster Safety Certification Board

  • Human Resources Development Service of South Korea

  • Korea Worker’s Compensation and Welfare Service

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